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Getting started using the largest collection of only organic tea 

See all teas in our collection here

We have selected more than 350+ organic teas!

To help you finding your favorite organic tea we have placed various labels on each tea. E.g. a tea type label, a wellbeing label etc.

You can find your favorite tea by combining characteristics from the following labels:

  • Tea type (black tea, green tea, herbal tea, chai tea, matcha powder with more)
  • Tea brand (25+ very different tea brands)
  • Flavour (choose between 75+ flavours)
  • Tea bags or loose tea
  • Caffeine (with or without caffeine + decaffeinated)
  • Wellbeing (until now 12 options, more will follow)

When you have chosen e.g. herbal tea, you can now see all the possible flavours for herbal tea, all the possible tea brands for herbal tea, all the possible wellbeing options for herbal tea etc.

Use our selection tool to find new exiting teas, or change your favorite tea into the organic version! Discover new brands or new tea compositions. Only organic.

How to find your favorites

Find organic teaLet’s find black teas with cinnamon from English Tea Shop:

  1. Choose ‘Black tea’ under Tea Type
  2. Choose ‘English Tea Shop’ under Tea Brand
  3. Choose ‘Cinnamon’ under Flavour
  4. This search gives three results
  5. See results, click here!

Or how about teas with turmeric from the tea brand Numi:

  1. Choose ‘Numi’ under Tea Brand
  2. Choose ‘Turmeric‘ under Flavour
  3. This search gives four results
  4. See results, click here!

Before bedtime you might need a tea with valerian:

  1. Find organic teaChoose ‘Bedtime’ under ‘Wellbeing’
  2. Choose ‘Valerian’ under ‘Flavour’
  3. This search gives three results
  4. See results, click here!

So now it is your turn 🙂

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