Why choose organic tea? 3 reasons

3 reasons for choosing organic tea

1. Organic tea doesn’t cause the same environmental damage

Conventionally grown tea is one of the most environmentally devastating crops in Asia. Because it is often grown at higher elevations, the chemicals applied to conventional tea farms not only damage the local ecosystem. It run down the mountains contaminating other farms, forests, rivers and even oceans miles away; in most cases less than 1% of the pesticide reaches its target – being the pest itself. Instead, the bulk of the pesticide pollutes the air, soil and water.

2. Organic grown tea is better for the field workers

Tea farmers and field workers in Asia often spray their crops without using masks, gloves or other protection. They consider the chemicals safe and even necessary. Unfortunately the farmers are often the first to pay the price in the form of cancer and premature death.

3. Organic tea is better for you

In 2012, a major study by Greenpeace found that the pesticide levels in conventionally grown teas are often very unhealthy. Similarly, another study found that regularly drinking pesticide-contaminated tea does more harm than good and actually decrease (rather than increase) lifespan. This is due to the fact that many of these pesticides are water soluble, which means that they are in the leaf structure and are removed from the tea leaves during steeping. Read the full report!

Additionally when you buy organic, you are not only avoiding pesticides. Research is showing that you get even more of the plant’s good properties, as organically grown plants contain far more nutrients than conventionally cultivated plants.

What can we do?

Be a part of the solution. Buy organic teas and protect our environment, animals, plants and especially also the tea workers from being overexploited.

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