Tea: History, Terroirs, Varieties

This second edition has improved and refined tasting notes with updated content about non-herbal tea, the plant Camellia sinensis.

The book’s elegant design is a complete guide to the world’s second most popular beverage – only water exceeds tea consumption.

The authors own the Camellia Sinensis Tea House in Montreal and travel the world working with growers of the best tea.

This book is now clearly the best book on this topic, concise and authoritative with dozens of their own photographs and images of the teas themselves, revealing the surprising variety of colour and opacity of each variety.

The book is an escorted tour of the world’s tea-growing countries – China, Japan, Taiwan, India, Sri Lanka, Nepal, Vietnam and East Africa.

Readers discover how like a fine wine, it is ‘terroir’, e.g., soil and climate, that gives a tea its unique characteristics.

The book includes varieties of black, green, white, yellow, oolong, pu’er, perfumed, aromatic and smoked teas.

About the Authors

Kevin Gascoyne, Francois Marchand, Jasmin Desharnais and Hugo Americi are professional tea tasters from Montreal, Quebec, who own the Camellia Sinensis Tea House and travel the world working with growers of the best tea.

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