Tea: A History of the Drink That Changed the World

Tea is a phenomenon that has changed the attitudes of one nation to another, exposed divisions of class and race, ossified social behaviour, shaped the ethics of business, influenced relations between management and labour and led to significant advances in medicine.

“Tea” is a comprehensive study of a drink that is imbibed daily by over half the population of the world, looking at the phenomenon as well as the commodity – from 2,500 AD to the present day.

Following on from the success of books such as Cod, Tobacco and Salt, “Tea” takes a well-researched and fascinating approach to the world’s second favourite beverage.

About the Author

John Griffiths is a former journalist and entrepreneur, who has written 14 books including Afghanistan: Key to a Continent, The Third Man: Life and Times of William Murdoch, Afghanistan: Land of Conflict and Beauty and Hostage: The History, Facts and Reality of Hostage Taking. He lives in Wales.

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