Sage the Tea Maker with Motorised Tea Basket

Sage BTM800UK the Tea Maker with Motorised Tea Basket – Silver

For the perfectly balanced brew, different teas need to be steeped at different temperatures and for different times. So how do you get it right?

This revolutionary kettle has a motorised basket that automatically lowers tea leaves into and out of the water at precisely the right time.

It has fifteen pre-programmed settings, plus fully variable temperature and custom controls. It even has a programmable start feature so your tea will be ready for you when you wake up.

The glass kettle that knows the right temperature and steeping time for your favourite tea.
  • Five pre-set tea settings to get the best from your chosen tea
  • Tea basket automatically lowers at the precise temperature and automatically raises after the optimal steeping time
  • Custom tea setting, so you can choose the right combination of temperature and steeping time for your favourite tea
  • Auto start features can be set so you can wake up to a fresh pot of tea
  • German-made glass
  • Keep warm feature keeps your brew at the right temperature for your second cup

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