Nicola Spring Patterned Tea Mugs Box of 6

Nicola Spring Patterned Tea Mugs 6 Individual Designs Box Of 6.

A cup of tea is a simple pleasure that is a little more enjoyable when the mug that you use has a cheerful, colourful design.

With the Nicola Spring Patterned tea mugs, you can serve up to six people and bring colour to your dinner table!

These high quality ceramic mugs are durable enough for daily use but fashionable enough for entertaining.

Enjoy beautiful patterns while you savour every sip of your favourite hot beverage!

  • Each print is hand applied
  • Contrast rims for added style
  • Finest quality porcelain
  • Microwave safe, so you can heat your drink inside the cups
  • Safe to wash in the dishwasher

Product dimensions:

Dimensions: Height: 106 mm Diameter: 84 mm Capacity: 360 ml (12.7oz)

Brand: Nicola Spring

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