Japanese Cast Iron Tea Pot from Iwate 800 ml

Japanese Cast Iron Tea Pot from Iwate 0.8 liter.

The Cast Iron Pot: called a “Tetsubin” in Japanese, has been produced in Japan for hundreds of years.

It is traditionally a hand crafted object that was developed as an utensil for use in the Japanese Tea Ceremony.

The function of the Tetsubin is unique. It significantly changes the taste of water.

When brewing tea using water boiled in Tetsubin, the taste of the tea becomes very mellow and sweet.

In addition, thanks to the iron content of the kettle, the resultant water gives us additional health benefits.

  • Ok for Direct Fire
  • This is the original iron kettle. You can put the iron kettle itself over the fire and boil the water
  • You can use it as a regular pot as well
  • The inside is not enamel processed
  • It doesn’t come with a stainless net

Brand: Tokyo Matcha Selection

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