English Tea Shop Organic Winter Collection 96 bags

English Tea Shop Organic Holiday Winter Tray Chamber 12 Blends.

Enjoy our delicious festive teas with your loved ones during this season.

Our teas and ingredients come from small farmers in limited quantities, grown without chemical fertilizers or pesticides.

The English Tea Shop Winter Tea Collections contains:

  • Post Festival Cleanse Me
  • Winter Fruit Detox Me
  • Chai Immune Boost
  • After Dinner
  • Sweet Me
  • Energise Me for Holiday
  • Irresistible White
  • Glory Day
  • Unwind Me for the Season
  • Warm Winter
  • Cinnamon Mint
  • White Wonderland

Post Festival Cleanse Me: organic green tea(63%), organic garcinia leaves(12%), organic cinnamon pieces(8%), organic garcinia fruits(5%), organic ginseng(5%), natural flavourings(5%), organic acai berry(2%).

Winter Fruit Detox Me: organic peppermint leaves(30%), organic spearmint(18%), organic fenugreek(12%), organic elderflowers(12%), organic lemon peels(7%), organic fennel(7%), organic turmeric(6%), natural flavourings(5%), organic rosemary(3%).

Chai Immune Boost: organic rooibos(55%), organic cloves(12%), organic cinnamon pieces(12%), organic cardamom pieces(8%), natural flavourings(5%), organic garlic(3%), organic turmeric(3%), organic echinacea flowers(2%).

After Dinner: organic chamomile(39%), organic ashwagandha (winter cherries)(28%), organic lemon balm(17%), organic lavender buds(8%), organic valerian roots(5%), organic hop leaves(2%), natural flavourings(1%).

Sweet Me: organic rooibos(69%), organic cocoa(14%), organic cinnamon pieces(10%), natural flavourings(5%), organic coconut(2%).

Energise Me for Holiday: organic rosehip(39%), organic hibiscus(16%), organic peppermint leaves(12%), organic apple pieces(12%), organic licorice(8%), organic cinnamon pieces(6%), natural flavourings(5%), organic rose petals(2%). “Contains licorice – people suffering from hypertension should avoid excessive consumption”.

Irresistible White: organic white tea(51%), organic lemongrass(22%), organic elderflowers(10%), organic sea buckthorn berries(8%), natural flavourings(5%), organic pomegranate pieces(4%).

Glory Day: organic chamomile(46%), organic cinnamon pieces(18%), organic apple pieces(12%), organic cocoa(11%), organic rosehip(5%), natural flavourings(5%), organic orange peels(3%).

Unwind Me for the Season: organic lemongrass(36%), organic cinnamon pieces(20%), organic ginger pieces(19%), organic garcinia leaves(10%), organic hibiscus(7%), natural flavourings(5%), organic lemon peels(3%).

Warm Winter: organic rooibos(60%), organic ginger pieces(14%), organic star anise(8%), organic cocoa(8%), organic mace(5%) natural flavourings(5%).

Cinnamon Mint: organic hibiscus(40%), organic cinnamon pieces(25%), organic peppermint leaves(20%) and organic spearmint leaves(15%).

White Wonderland: organic white tea(75%), natural flavourings(5%), organic cinnamon pieces(4%), organic cocoa(4%), organic peppermint leaves(4%), organic licorice(4%), organic chamomile(4%). “Contains licorice – people suffering from hypertension should avoid excessive consumption”.

8 x 12 blends, 96 tea bags.

Note that the prices are indicative and the price may vary a little due to delays in the updating of the prices below. In addition, notice that there can be situations where a product is not in stock in a particular store.

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