About Organic Tea

I created Organic Tea because I wanted to support the organic production of tea but also because I missed a place where to browse and search for all high quality organic teas available worldwide with easy to understand descriptions.

In addition I would also like to know the places where to buy the tea online, since many of the normal shops in Copenhagen in Denmark often only have a few brands with only a small number of tea types.

As a tea-lover I enjoy diving into all the organic teas I have collected, select the teas I want and have them shipped to me  in one package.

Organic-tea.org is supplemented by the blog en.ilovetea.dk. At the blog you will find information on tea tastings, tea places, health benefits, how to brew tea etc. It also contains information about my travels and my personal view on life.

The site is an affiliate site and I get a little commission from the shops that will pay my time to investigate and publish more organic teas and information about organic teas.

Organic Tea & I Love Tea hope to contribute to

  • a world where we protect animals and nature, based on organic and sustainable use of our common natural ressources
  • a world  with respect for each other across national and cultural differences where we can travel and meet each other in an equal manner
  • a world with an fair distribution of goods and room to follow our individual dreams inside and outside organizations
  • a world with a lot of honest web-stuff, movies, books, art etc. helping us to think, discuss and create a better world together

About the production of organic tea 

Organic tea is produced at sustainable tea plantations and grown without spraying agents and fertilizers. The tea is therefore free from pesticides and other chemical remains. See details at each brand's website.

Choose organic tea if you like me believe this is the future.

Browse and search in many ways

You can browse in my selected teas via:

  • Tea product
  • Tea type
  • Tea brand
  • Caffeine or not
  • Flavour (e.g. Turmeric, Vanilla, Bergamotte, Ginger)

Go to Amazon and buy your selected teas

If you want to buy a tea at Amazon you can choose your Amazon Store at Organic-tea.org with detailed information.

I hope you will find and enjoy the organic tea you are looking for.